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Deacon's Board - Deacon Waymond Funderburk

Deaconess Board - Deaconess Patricia Hunt

Mother's Board- Mother Shirley Johnson

Women of Purpose (Ladies 18+) - Lady Ravandala Johnson

Elders & Minister's Wives Circle - Missionary Stephanie Robinson

Missionary's Circle - Missionary Terrie Powell

Deacon's Wives Circle - Sister Chiquarya Funderburk

Prayer Warriors Circle - Mother Altamease White

Mid-Week Prayer Coordinator- Elder Antonio Solomon

Sunday School Department - Elder Ronald Robinson

Ushers (Men & Women) - Sister Altamease Bolton

Youth Ushers - Sister Chanel Norman

Youth Choir - Sister Johnique Lowery

Greeters- Mother Patricia Alvarez

Security - Missionary Stephanie Robinson

Kingdom K.I.D.S. - Asp. Miss'ry Youlanda Kendrick-Johnson

Youth Ministry- Minister Ronald Stanley

Married Couples Fellowship - Pastor Cedric and Lady Ravandala Johnson

Singles Fellowship - Deaconess Angela Bishop

Pastoral Care Committee - Deacon John Thomas

Pastor's Anniversary Committee - Sister Margaret Johnson

Mission's Department - Sister Timisha Stanley

Evangelism Ministry- Elder Jimmie Hunt

Grounds & Beautification Committee- Deacon Paul Johnson

Sound Ministry - Deacon Eric Johnson

Young Adult Ministry - Minister Ronald Stanley

Birthday Club - Sister Brionna Blount

Choir - Lady Ravandala Johnson

Sunshine Band (ages 4-12) - Mother Irene Lumpkin

Vessels of Praise ( Liturgical Dancers)-Sister Sabrina Bishop

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